Top 10 Marketing Management Software to Boost Your Strategy

Are you looking for the best marketing management software to help you boost your marketing strategy? Look no further! We’ve put together a list of the top 10 marketing management software to help you maximize your marketing efforts. From RTILA to, this list covers the best of the best to help you get the most out of your strategy. Keep reading to find out more about each product and how it can help you!

RTILA – Web Business Automation

RTILA -  Web Business Automation

RTILA is the ultimate web automation tool for businesses.

It helps you quickly and easily collect important data about the competition, target audience, and their habits, the market, and even data from social media.

This way, you can make sure that you’re offering the best possible price for products and services, and attract more customers.

Plus, RTILA’s web scraping capabilities make it a breeze to collect useful information and make necessary changes.

So why wait?

Automate any task that you can do on a browser and grow your business with fewer human resources.

With RTILA, you can do more with less.



Are you trying to stand out in a crowded marketplace, but don’t have a million-dollar budget?

GetShow is the all-in-one video marketing platform you need to generate more leads, engagement, and revenue from your video content.

With GetShow’s interactive elements, you can add calls to action (CTAs), forms, turnstiles, and annotation links to your videos to generate and convert leads.

Plus, with real-time data on user behavior and video stats, you can understand the performance of your video campaigns.

You can also customize your videos with your brand’s colors and logo, and share them on popular social media platforms.

So, level up your marketing strategy and get lifetime access to GetShow today!



Are you an Amazon seller or KDP author looking for a way to navigate the Amazon PPC advertising world?

Look no further than SellerMetrics!

Our next-generation Amazon PPC tool has advanced optimization features, so you can increase sales and lower ACoS – all while saving time and effort.

With our solution, you can consolidate all your Amazon marketplace accounts and automate bidding 24/7.

Our powerful algorithms will make sure your bids are fully optimized according to your ACoS goals.

Plus, we have unique features like sponsored rank and period-over-period reporting, so you have a better understanding of your ads performance.

SellerMetrics is your one-stop-shop for Amazon PPC advertising.

Get access today and take the hassle out of managing your campaigns.

Pin Generator – Automated Pinterest Marketing

Pin Generator - Automated Pinterest Marketing

Are you looking for a way to quickly drive traffic to your website or e-commerce store?

Look no further than Pin Generator, the ultimate Pinterest marketing automation tool!

With this tool, you can create and schedule hundreds of pins in minutes, saving you countless hours of time.

Pin Generator automatically fills all the required fields of your pins, allowing you to bulk edit and schedule them quickly.

Plus, you can upload your own images and videos, choose fonts and colors, and even import stock video.

With Pin Generator, you can significantly reduce design time and save money, all while driving more traffic to your website and increasing your sales!

Get started with Pin Generator today and start benefiting from free Pinterest marketing!

Marketing Master IO – Plus exclusive

Marketing Master IO - Plus exclusive

Take your business to the next level with Marketing Master IO Plus, an exclusive version of Marketing Master IO available only to AppSumo Plus members.

This all-in-one online marketing solution offers everything you need to build high-converting eCommerce stores, add chatbot marketing, create email & SMS campaigns, and automate your social media.

With MMIO you get five platforms in one, eliminating the need to subscribe to multiple platforms.

Plus, our built-in integrations let you easily connect with your favorite tools.

Automate your business today and get this exclusive Plus deal now!



Are you looking for a way to make your brand stand out?

Introducing ethos – an easy to use platform that helps brand professionals strengthen their brand identity and increase visibility.

With ethos, you can create a beautiful and organized online Brand Guideline that will become the single source of all brand content.

Choose a stunning Brand Guideline template and easily add your creative assets and brand messaging.

Publish your Brand Guidelines as an interactive website to showcase and maintain your branding best practices.

Your brand voice and image will be deployed correctly, allowing you to control and activate your powerful brand position.

With ethos, your official brand assets will always be available 100% of the time – all from a single link.

Start empowering your brand today.

Activate your brand identity with beautiful online Brand Guidelines.

Sendapp Professional

Sendapp Professional

Are you looking for a way to revolutionize your marketing campaigns?

Look no further than SendApp Professional!

This amazing software allows you to target your customers in a targeted manner, automating your WhatsApp and turning it into a powerful weapon for your business.

No technical skills are needed to use SendApp – just personalize your message with text, images, emojis, and links to create an effective advertising campaign with a few clicks.

This is the best way to do marketing – take your marketing campaigns to the world’s most used communication platform, WhatsApp.

With SendApp, you can create innovative marketing, attract immediate attention, stimulate customer engagement, and get great results!

Get access to this amazing tool today and start revolutionizing your marketing campaigns!

CrawlQ AI

CrawlQ AI

Are you looking for a way to 10x the growth of your website?

CrawlQ AI Athena is the perfect tool to do just that.

With its advanced AI, Athena can research your target audience and generate highly personalized insights, stories, questions, and answers that are tailored to your specific audience.

It’s perfect for product designers, marketers, copywriters, coaches, and high-ticket agencies who want to identify their target audience, conduct market research, and create high-quality content.

CrawlQ AI Athena is the perfect way to quickly test product-market fit and business ideas, helping you build and scale your content as a real organic growth machine.

Get ready to unlock your website’s potential with CrawlQ AI Athena!



Are you looking for an all-in-one solution that can help manage, analyze, target and track all your shared short links and bio pages?

Look no further than Linke!

This powerful tool does it all, from analyzing the traffic evolution of your links to checking the status of the real link and alerting you if there is an error or timeout.

You can even customize the sharing preview of your links and use your own domain name for short and bio links.

Plus, you can integrate an unlimited retargeting pixel into shortened links and bio pages, and define multiple redirections for your links.

Linke is the perfect solution for those who need a powerful all-in-one tool to take their link sharing game to the next level.

Are you tired of your social media profiles feeling like a jumble of links and content?

With Hy.

page, you can easily customize one master URL to collect payments without customers ever leaving the page! is an all-in-one platform that allows you to create and customize your bio link page to generate revenue by selling products and memberships without any fees.

You can even replace your current payment gateway services, like Gumroad or Kofi, with the platform’s built-in payment processor.

The platform gives you the ability to monitor all aspects of your page through one interface, including orders, requests, content offerings, and membership plans.

Plus, customers get to enjoy one-click checkout without opening a new window. also provides widgets for you to collect donations and fan requests using monetary plugins such as Stripe and PayPal.

You can customize each offering with unique fill-ins and check boxes to receive fan input or questions.

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