Top 10 HR softwares

Are you looking for the best HR software to help manage your staff effectively? Look no further! In this blog, we have compiled the top 10 HR softwares that will help streamline your recruitment and onboarding process. From CVViZ to Lucy HR Assistant, we have got you covered! Read on to learn more about these great products and find the perfect one for your company.



Are you tired of the mundane and time-consuming tasks of recruiting?

CVViZ is the perfect solution for you!

It is a cloud-based modern recruiting software that simplifies the hiring process from job posting to job offer in just a few easy steps.

With CVViZ, you can post jobs to 15+ free job sites with a single click and access close to 2000 job boards worldwide at discounted prices (up to 40% off!


Not only that, but you can also discover top candidates on platforms like GitHub and StackOverflow.

Moreover, CVViZ can screen resumes automatically and prescreen candidates based on the job description.

You can also video-interview candidates and track their progress.

Finally, you can collect interview feedback, roll out job offers in a single click, and get lifetime access to CVViZ.

Awakened Mind: Employee Mindfulness & Mental Wellbeing App

Awakened Mind: Employee Mindfulness & Mental Wellbeing App

Awakened Mind is the perfect tool for achieving mental wellbeing and team development objectives.

Created by global mindfulness and leadership authority, Michael Bunting, the app features world-class content, evidence-based training programs, and integrated learning experiences.

With Awakened Mind, you can access a variety of videos, podcasts, digital resources, and practices that can help you build and maintain a less stressed, more resilient, and happier working environment.

Plus, the app’s feedback tool helps you stay accountable and track progress.

Get access today and start transforming your team and mental wellbeing today!

Vidbites – Video Pre-screening for Recruiting and Hiring

Vidbites - Video Pre-screening for Recruiting and Hiring

Introducing Vidbites, the revolutionary way to screen applicants for your hiring process.

With Vidbites, applicants can now browse your job postings, record a video submission, and apply to your company without leaving your website.

This is the perfect way for you to efficiently review applications and make an informed decision about which applicants to hire.

With Vidbites, you can create career postings in seconds, and have them populate directly on your website’s career page with our built-in widget.

Plus, you can view, download, and organize all the video submissions from your Vidbites account.

With agency support, you can even send applications directly to your clients.

Plus, with our upcoming intelligent filtering feature, you can easily analyze your applications and highlight the top candidates.

See for yourself what applicants experience with Vidbites by checking out our careers page.

Get access to Vidbites now and make your hiring process easier than ever!



Humanagement is the ultimate solution to simplify employee management for your business.

With an easy-to-use interface that’s both clean and intuitive, Humanagement makes tracking productivity, policy management, compliance and staff training a breeze.

Set up a free Employee Management Consultation (normally $99 per/hr) to learn how to best set up your company for success.

With Humanagement, you can save time and effort while getting unparalleled insights into your business analytics.

Keep track of your policies, compliance and staff training automatically, and use their Time Sheet and Paid Time Off features to keep your staff organized and productive.

Get the most out of your business with Humanagement!




Are you tired of struggling to find the best candidate for your job post?

Don’t get stuck in the haystack of applicants – use Hirevire to easily collect and view video recordings of screening questions from job applicants.

With Hirevire, you can easily share an introduction video to engage and sell the job, explain the role and company culture, and provide an overview of your company’s vision.

Candidates don’t even need to register to send you their video answers – they can answer questions directly from their smartphones.

And don’t worry about having to take notes from the pre-screening – you can easily share the candidate’s video answers with your team.

Get lifetime access to Hirevire today and save your time by only interviewing the best candidates!



Playhunt is the perfect solution for busy HR departments who need to quickly find the best-matched candidate from a large group of CVs.

With Playhunt, you can evaluate the candidate’s experience in the skills needed for your vacancy, even if they are not directly mentioned in the CV.

You can also understand how the skills described in the CV correspond to reality.

With Playhunt, you don’t need to install any additional applications; all the candidates need is a browser.

The platform is sharpened in order to very quickly & easily create video surveys, meaning that you can quickly filter out from a large number of CVs those who are best suited to the portrait of your ideal candidate.

Video-surveys are a great addition or even alternative to the dry and monotonous CVs, and will allow you to hire the best matching candidates faster.

Get access to Playhunt now and speed up your hiring process!

Clockster – HR superapp

Clockster - HR superapp

Are you a business owner in the F&B or Retail industry?

Looking for an easy and efficient way to manage your staff?

Clockster is your perfect match!

This HR superapp takes into account the intricate workings of your business and provides you with comprehensive shift management tools, employee time attendance and an effective communication tool.

It even offers task management, built-in feeds and chats, analytics and reports – all in one mobile app.

With Clockster, you can reduce HR overheads and automate payroll.

Get your annual access today and supercharge your business!

Automate Job Search – LazyApply

Automate Job Search - LazyApply

Are you tired of wasting hours on manually applying to jobs?

Looking for a tool that can automate your job search?

Look no further!

LazyApply is here to make your job search easier and faster.

With LazyApply, you can create your profile and specify your job search parameters such as salary, remote, or fulltime, and apply for thousands of jobs with just one click!

You can search for jobs on popular platforms like Linkedin, Indeed, and Ziprecruiter, and get started today with LazyApply.

Don’t wait any longer, try LazyApply and make your job search a breeze!



Are you ready to revolutionize the way you manage your Human Resources?

MobileHR is the first and only 100% mobile HR App designed for small and medium US businesses, giving you the power to handle all your HR tasks from the palm of your hand.

With MobileHR, you can say goodbye to paper files and spreadsheets, save time, money and simplify the task of managing everything HR.

The MobileHR App is easy to set up and use, with a Startup Wizard and video tutorials that make basic setup easy and achievable in just 30 minutes.

You can collect, maintain and manage employee data, track time and attendance, monitor paid time off, manage employee benefits, projects and skills, upload employee documents and more.

With security roles for employees, managers, owners and administrators, you can also feed payroll data directly to your payroll processor and import data from Excel or other sources.

Lucy HR Assistant

Lucy HR Assistant

Save time and energy with Lucy HR Assistant!

This revolutionary recruiting software is designed to simplify and streamline the hiring process.

With Lucy, you can quickly and easily reach more candidates, connect personally with them, speed up the process, and give workplace scenarios to see how they would handle the challenges of the job.

Plus, with automated recruiting process, you can get back 60% of your time you’re now spending on recruiting and busywork.

Video interview features allow you to deliver friction-free interviews and create an interviewer to do the hard work for you 24/7.

With the Fortune 500 company’s 1,000+ interview questions in our database, you can ask the right questions to find the best talent.

And with our easy-to-use Applicant Tracking Software (ATS), recruiters can search, sort and categorize resumes with ease.

Finally, you can communicate directly with your candidates and track all the conversations.

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