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Are you looking for the best legal software to help you with your operations? Look no further! In this blog, we will be discussing the top legal software to help you simplify and streamline your daily operations. From GrabSign to Certyfile-Blockchain Certification, we have the perfect list of software to meet your needs. Read on for more details!



Say goodbye to the hassle of paper-based verification methods with GrabSign’s secure, paper-free eSignature app.

Get your contracts, agreements or any other documents digitally signed by your clients with ease and convenience—and all with a complete audit trail and reports.

Say goodbye to paper waste and reduce your carbon footprint with GrabSign’s paperless process.

Save hundreds of hours of precious time and still get your documents signed flawlessly with real-time tracking and reports.

Grabsign is the ultimate e-signature tool for any business.

With its drag-and-drop signature placeholders and lifetime access to its dashboard, reports, audit trails, and completed signature lists, you can rest assured that your documents are secure and safe.

Get your documents signed quickly and easily with GrabSign today!



ECOMPLY is the perfect companion for keeping your business GDPR compliant.

Our easy-to-use platform takes the stress out of managing GDPR requirements and provides all the tools and document templates you need in one convenient place.

With ECOMPLY, you can easily assess your GDPR compliance status, collect Technical and Organizational Measures for data processing agreements, and build Records of Processing Activities.

We also offer guidance on handling data subject access requests and responding to data protection incidents.

Get access today and let ECOMPLY be your GDPR expert.

Certyfile-Blockchain Certification

Certyfile-Blockchain Certification

Certify your important documents easily, quickly, and cheaply with Certyfile, the most advanced platform that utilizes the most innovative Blockchain technology.

By registering your documents and business secrets with Certyfile, you can ensure the authenticity of your documents and protect them against plagiarism.

Certyfile is the perfect solution for businesses in a wide range of sectors, such as eCommerce, Legaltech, insurtech, startups, SaaS, digital training, design and architecture studios, consultancies, and agencies.

More than 2,000 clients have already joined the platform, so take your project to the next level with the most innovative technology.

Certifying your documents on the Blockchain only takes 4 steps.

With Certyfile, you can guarantee legal compliance while obtaining a certified document with a time stamp that proves authorship.

Best of all, Certyfile is designed to help companies protect their data from third parties and generate reliable evidence of its ownership.

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