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Are you overwhelmed by your emails? Do you feel like you spend your whole day just trying to keep up with the constant influx? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this blog, we’ll be exploring the best email management software that can help you stay organized and keep your inbox from becoming a bottomless pit. From Mail Merge Toolkit for Outlook to Mutant Mail and everything in between, we’ve got the best products to help you manage your emails. Let’s dive in!

Mail Merge Toolkit for Outlook

Mail Merge Toolkit for Outlook

Are you looking for a simple and reliable way to quickly send personalized messages to a group of people?

Mail Merge Toolkit is the perfect solution for you!

This powerful add-in for Microsoft Office extends the mail merging capabilities of Outlook, Word, and Publisher, providing a set of features that make it easy to send mass emails with personalized subject lines, attachments, and messages in HTML, Plain Text, and RTF formats.

No more Microsoft Office Mail Merge limitations – now you can attach files to the personal messages, use a personal greeting in the subject line, and send messages in different formats with just a few clicks.

Get access to Mail Merge Toolkit today and take your mass emailing to the next level!



PeaceMail is the perfect business email solution for small teams and solopreneurs.

It streamlines your team’s emails, providing a shared inbox for easy collaboration, multiple aliases for routing emails and creating [email protected] inboxes for sending and receiving emails.

It’s never been easier to stay organized and have everything you need in one place.

Get access today and take control of your team’s emailing needs!

Mutant Mail

Mutant Mail

Discover the power of Mutant Mail and take control of your emails today!

Mutant Mail is a privacy-focused, server-side solution to manage multiple Email ids from one inbox.

Struggling to manage multiple domains and Email ids?

With Mutant Mail, you can receive, reply and send all emails for your domains from any free Gmail account or any other email account, without the hassle of logging in to every mailbox.

Enjoy zero downtime infrastructure and bring your own encryption key to keep your data 100% personal.

Configure a display name for your email id and add a signature for your emails.

Create individual rules for incoming and outgoing emails for your domains and block spam at our servers.

Buffer/batch your emails and receive a consolidated email digest containing all the emails received in a set duration.

Get a free DMARC report to keep tabs on any spoofing or impersonation.

Try Mutant Mail FREE today and get lifetime access!

SaneBox – AI for your email

SaneBox - AI for your email

Tired of sifting through your messy inbox?

SaneBox is here to help!

With its personalized algorithms, SaneBox quickly learns your email habits and will show you your most important messages first, while filtering out all that extraneous noise.

With glowing reviews from TechCrunch, Forbes, The New York Times and countless emailers, you’ll be sure to fall in love with email again.

SaneBox folders are added everywhere you check your email, so there’s nothing to download or install.

And if you know how to use email folders, then you already know how to use SaneBox!

Plus, you’ll be able to identify important messages, hide distractions, use the Do Not Disturb feature, banish annoying senders, remind yourself to follow up, and more.

Let SaneBox’s A.I. make sure only the important emails stay in your Inbox and get access today!



Are you looking for an easy way to keep track of your emails and stay organised?

TaskRobin is the perfect solution!

With TaskRobin, you can create an Email Hub in Notion and auto tag your emails as you save them to Notion.

You can also integrate Gmail, Outlook, and more.

Forward your emails to TaskRobin’s robot inbox and they will be automatically added to your Notion database with all your attachments and meta data.

Attachments can be saved directly to Notion and are always available for download.

You can even tag and prioritize emails in Notion with #hashtags.

Get access to TaskRobin today and simplify how you stay organised and on top of your emails!

Protect your email address from being used to track you across the web with Shroud.


This powerful service provides you with unlimited disposable aliases to hide your real identity, preventing trackers from following you.

All emails will be forwarded to your real address, but this time without the trackers.

With advanced tracker blocking and anti-spam protection, you can have peace of mind that your email will be safe and secure.

Get access to Shroud.

email today and take control of your online identity!

Modules Composer – Online Email Builder

Modules Composer - Online Email Builder

Let your creativity run wild with Modules Composer – the powerful online email builder!

This easy-to-use platform lets you design beautiful email templates without a single line of code and upload it to 25 different email service providers with just a few clicks.

With an ever-growing selection of predefined modules, and new templates released every month, you can customize your email design to suit any need.

Plus, with the Infinity template, you can create unlimited designs with the 400+ modules available.

Get access to Modules Composer today, and design the exact look and feel of your dreams!

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