Best 10 Lead generation softwares

Are you looking for the best lead generation software to get more customers? Look no further! We have compiled a list of the top 10 lead generation softwares available, including Luna, Google Maps Scraper, Visit Hunter, useArtemis, SocialNowa Chatbot, 11Sight, Switchy, KingSumo, Optinly and Hippo Video. Read on to find out more about each of these amazing softwares and how they can help your business grow!



Say goodbye to cold outreach that falls flat and winds up in the spam folder!

Luna is an AI assistant that helps you find high-quality B2B leads and sends personalized cold emails at scale.

You can filter for job titles, industries, business sizes, or countries in your search and Luna’s AI will automatically search for leads in your target market.

Plus, Luna scrapes websites and social media profiles to learn more about prospects and generate personalized cold emails and follow-ups.

You’ll be able to keep track of every email conversation in one place and update accounts automatically.

Plus, you’ll get daily, monthly, and weekly reports on open rates, reply rates, and other stats to monitor your overall conversions.

Take advantage of Luna’s AI-driven cold outreach today and warm up your leads!

Get lifetime access to Luna with Extended Access available exclusively to AppSumo Plus members for a limited time.

Google Maps Scraper

Google Maps Scraper

Unlock the power of local businesses with Google Maps Places Scraper.

Extract contacts from the world’s largest database of small, medium, and big businesses, and use advanced filters to scrape businesses based on their rating, status, and postal codes.

Outscraper platform also allows enriching the data extracted from maps with emails, social links, and even more phones.

Get lifetime access now and take your business to the next level with Google Maps Places Scraper!

Visit Hunter

Visit Hunter

If you’re an emerging business looking to build a predictable sales process, Visit Hunter is the perfect solution.

With Visit Hunter, you can identify companies that visit your website, extract relevant B2B contacts, and use them to create efficient outreach campaigns — all in just three simple steps.

Visit Hunter helps you to identify and track leads with the highest intent, and also allows you to export them automatically to a CRM or email marketing tool of your choice.

Plus, you can segment your visitors according to specific criteria, such as companies from Canada or those who visited the pricing page.

Don’t settle for guesswork or cold calling — let Visit Hunter do the hard work for you.

With this powerful lead tracking and management system, you can easily turn visitors into customers.

Get started today and watch your pipeline grow!



Are you looking for a way to easily find anyone’s contact details, emails, and phone numbers?

Look no further than useArtemis, an email and phone number finding tool that can help you find almost anyone’s contact information in just a second!

Our private 500M+ database is full of verified emails and contact details that come from official and legal sources.

With our Prospecting Platform, you can filter your search by company name, job title, name, location and more.

Then, you can export the data to CSV files or save them to your lists.

But that’s not all!

We also have a Chrome extension that allows you to get contact details of users while browsing without having to send them a request.

And if that wasn’t enough, our Domain Finder will help you find emails and phone numbers behind any website in a snap.

Finally, you can use our Email Verify feature to make sure the emails you find are real.

SocialNowa Chatbot

SocialNowa Chatbot

Tired of wading through your swamped support inbox?

SocialNowa Chatbot is here to help!

With SocialNowa Chatbot, you can build automated chat flows to engage more leads on social media, schedule your social media posts, qualify leads, and drive sales with an integrated ecommerce store.

Plus, you can integrate Click-to-Messenger ads to send more traffic to messenger and use the live chat feature to connect with leads and customers.

Explore the library of video tutorials, training, and tips to help you fully leverage the power of SocialNowa Chatbot.

Get lifetime access to SocialNowa Chatbot today and let a bot do the talking for you!



No more waiting around for scheduled video calls – 11Sight is here to make connecting with your site visitors, leads, customers, and clients a breeze!

With the click of a button, you can create an encrypted e-line link that acts as a digital address, allowing anyone to reach you in just one click.

The 11Sight browser-based solution makes it easy to host or join HD video or audio group meetings straight from your browser or mobile app.

You can chat, exchange files, screen capture, and screen share with up to 20 people in one e-room, and even share the video recording on YouTube.

Plus, you can add a smart button to any website to capture lead data, add external applications, and provide one-click video, audio, and chat interactions for your website visitors.

Get the iOS or Android app for a seamless engagement experience, no matter where you are.



Tired of long, unattractive URLs and outdated previews?

Upgrade your social media game and boost conversions with!

Shorten, customize, and track your links for ultimate engagement and retargeting.

With 30+ advanced options, you can add retargeting pixels, UTMs, tags, and more.

Plus, get real-time data and A/B test campaigns for smarter ads.

Make the switch today and get lifetime access to!



Are you looking for an easy, stress-free way to grow your audience and generate quality leads?

Look no further than KingSumo!

KingSumo is a viral giveaway platform that helps you create custom giveaways and embed them anywhere, allowing you to reward brand engagement and collect leads’ emails with API integrations.

Create unlimited giveaways in minutes, offering physical and virtual goods that can be your own products, a client’s, or partner’s.

You’ll even have the option to award bonus entries if someone follows your social media or visits your website.

With KingSumo, you can track detailed analytics, collect entrants’ contact info, and send leads directly from your email service provider or spreadsheet.

Plus, you’ll have access to a fully-featured API, support for over 20 languages, and automatic, mid-giveaway, and final 24-hour reminders.

Don’t waste any more time on ineffective marketing plans.



Optinly is the perfect tool to help you engage visitors on your website in a captivating and goal-focused way.

Create eye-catching pop-up campaigns with triggers for device, exit intent, time-delays and more with the easy-to-use, no-code pop-up designer.

Utilize professional templates based on your marketing goals, customize your ads with the built-in editor, and add images, animations, links and more to make your pop-up stand out.

Plus, with over 10 integrations with major marketing tools and in-depth analytics to track clicks, conversions, and page views, Optinly is the perfect way to spice up your website.

Get lifetime access to Optinly today!

Hippo Video

Hippo Video

Are you ready to take your sales game to the next level and stand out from the competition?

With Hippo Video, you can create, share, and track hyper-personalized videos and increase trust and response rates with prospects.

Easily personalize prospect engagement and share videos right from your favorite sales tools, like LinkedIn Sales Navigator, HubSpot, and Salesforce.

Plus, you can customize sales pages with branded elements like company logos and branding backgrounds, and add interactive elements like CTAs, forms, polls, surveys, and branching right to your sales page.

And with Hippo Video’s teleprompter feature, you can record high-quality videos without memorizing a script.

You’ll get clear script cues and have total command over your voice modulation and tonality.

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