Best 10 Course builders software

Welcome to this ultimate list of the top 10 course builders software! Here, you will find the best tools that can help you create online courses easily. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned expert, each of these top 10 course building software will give you the tools you need to build an effective online course. From MasterStudy LMS to WinWinBot, you will find the best course builder for your needs. Let’s explore them!

MasterStudy LMS

MasterStudy LMS

Are you an educator with a wealth of knowledge but building an online course from scratch isn’t your forte?

Don’t worry, MasterStudy LMS is here to the rescue!

With this learning management system, you can easily build and sell courses on your WordPress site without any tech hassle.

Create interactive courses complete with lessons, quizzes, and assignments using the front-end and back-end course builders.

Choose from five different lesson types including text, video, slideshow, live streams and Zoom conferences.

Make your course even more engaging with eight different quiz types, including multiple choice, true or false, and image matching.

Reward your students for completing lessons and assignments with a unique point system, and give them something to show for it with certificates you can design with the built-in certificate builder.

Go the extra mile and build a custom-made mobile app for your course using a step-by-step documentation and files provided.

Are you looking for an innovative way to ideate, validate and create a course, book or how-to content in record time?

Look no further than!

With, you can access a massive database of online courses from some of the largest learning platforms in the world, including Google Trends data for a topic, an algorithm that will score the opportunity and a keyword planner to see how people are searching your topic.

You can also access the world’s largest book repository with Book Search. also provides you with a unique content planner that keeps you flowing from first idea to a full outline.

You can get a jump-start on your ideas by seeing what popular courses are offering that you might want to make sure you cover.

With, you can spend less time guessing and more time creating!

Ubindi – Plus exclusive

Ubindi - Plus exclusive

Are you a teacher looking for an all-in-one admin solution?

Look no further than Ubindi!

Ubindi is the perfect tool for independent instructors and small schools & studios.

Whether you teach yoga, music, cooking, languages, arts & crafts, or something else, Ubindi can help you take payments, manage students, organize them into groups, send mass emails, and more.

Stop spending hours on admin.

With Ubindi, you can easily take payments for class bookings, passes & memberships, and on-demand videos.

You can also set up a policy/waiver for first-time clients and activate a student referral program to help grow your teaching business.

Plus, you get automatic link sending, reminders, stats & insights.

With Ubindi, you can focus on teaching and let the software handle the rest.



If you’re looking to make learning and training simpler, easier, and more affordable, then Modlettes is the perfect solution for you.

It’s designed to create short, sharp training sessions that can easily be consumed and absorbed, and make it effortless to stay up to date with the latest business policies and procedures.

Plus, it’s user friendly and works on almost any mobile device, so your team can learn from anywhere.

With Modlettes, you’ll save time, save money, and have happier, more knowledgeable staff.

Get access to it today and start making awesome learning a reality! is the perfect solution for course creators, influencers and coaches who are looking for an easy-to-use and affordable online course platform to host their online courses.

With no marketplace middleman, you can get paid in your own currency with no additional fees.

Plus, no technical skills are required to get started. includes powerful email marketing features like bulk emails and newsletters, so you can easily engage with students and promote your courses.

The platform also includes coupons, subscriptions, lifetime plans, team plans, bundles and more.

Plus, you can easily integrate with Facebook Ads, lead generation, email marketing providers and more.

Setting up your online course platform is easy with

Just fill in a simple form and you will have a beautiful courses sales page up and running in minutes, without needing to hire a designer.



Are you looking to create and manage your own online course business but don’t have the time or know-how to do it?

Look no further than Forento!

Our platform makes it easy and fast to create, manage, and sell your own courses and memberships.

No coding or design experience is necessary, and you can create your own branded course website in minutes.

Choose from a variety of formats, including video, text, or quiz, and charge your students per course, per month, or per year.

We provide you with the tools to create your own stunning website using one of our pre-built templates or from scratch, and a community where your students and customers can interact with you and each other.

Grow your business and be a part of the great growth of online courses with Forento.

The Startup Sidekick

The Startup Sidekick

Are you ready to launch your startup but don’t know where to start?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

The Startup Sidekick is here to help.

Our platform provides everything you and your cofounders need to get the best possible head start in your business.

We understand the struggles of starting a business, so we’ve compiled the best knowledge and experience in the market.

We’ll help you do the right research, build your marketing plan, and understand your customers.

Plus, you’ll get access to real people who can guide you through the startup journey.

The Startup Sidekick is the creation of the founders who have worked with startups for some of the biggest companies and investors in Europe.

Trust us to get you the knowledge and confidence you need to take the plunge.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get access to The Startup Sidekick today and get your business up and running!



Do you want to give your online course students the attention and guidance they need without spending hours on tasks?

WinWinBot is here to the rescue!

WinWinBot is a powerful chatbot builder that lets you create interactive online courses and track student progress to boost completion rates.

Design mobile-friendly remote lessons via an intuitive drag-and-drop lessons builder and use the built-in content protection feature to prevent content from being shared or downloaded without permission.

You can directly communicate with students via text or voice messages, send and access educational materials like dialogues, longreads, and courses from one convenient dashboard, and manage and interact with students through a messenger-style chatbot.

Plus, you can design automated series of messages delivered in a certain sequence and assign knowledge tests and assessments with gamification features to evaluate your students’ knowledge.

Say goodbye to spending hours on tasks and get lifetime access to WinWinBot today!



Do you want to take your teaching business to the next level?

Then you need Mastera!

This all-in-one teaching platform has all the tools you need to host and manage live classes, videos, programs, subscriptions, customers and even your own website.

With Mastera, you can teach live classes to your customers online and manage the entire process of booking and delivering content in one place.

It also integrates seamlessly with Zoom, so you can run your virtual classes with an auto-sync of links.

Plus, you can design your own branded, white-labeled website to create a seamless experience.

Plus, Mastera offers embeddable widgets for your class calendar, on-demand video library, and appointments.

And with the robust payments module, you can create flexible plans to bundle by content type, build recurring plans, charge one-time payments and customize user access to classes, videos, appointments and programs based on the user’s plan.

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