VOX Mobile V14

Key Specification related questions

How many mega pixels is the rear camera in VOX Mobile V14?

It has 0.3 MP.

How long does VOX Mobile V14 battery last?

The battery of VOX Mobile V14 is 2500 mAh.

How big is the VOX Mobile V14?

It has 2.4 inches of display.


What is the launch date of VOX Mobile V14?

It is launched on April 1, 2022 (Official).

Display related questions

What is the display type of VOX Mobile V14?

It has TFT display type.

What is the screen size of VOX Mobile V14?

It is 2.4 inches (6.1 cm) in size.

What is screen resolution of VOX Mobile V14?

VOX Mobile V14 support 240 x 320 pixels screen resolution.

What is the Pixel Density of VOX Mobile V14?

It has 167 ppi pixel density.

Design related questions

What are colours option for VOX Mobile V14?

Blue, Brown

Battery related questions

What is the battery capacity of VOX Mobile V14?

2500 mAh

What type of battery is VOX Mobile V14 have?

It has Li-ion.

Is VOX Mobile V14 battery is removable?


Storage related questions

Does it have expandable memory?

Yes, Up to 8 GB


How many SIM slots does VOX Mobile V14 have?


What network supported by VOX Mobile V14?

It supports 2G.

What network SIM 1 supports?

What network SIM 2 supports?

Does it have blutooth?


Does it have USB connectivity?


Multimedia related questions

Does VOX Mobile V14 have FM Radio?

Yes, Wireless FM

Is there loudspeaker in VOX Mobile V14?


Does it have Audio Jack?

3.5 mm

Sensors related questions

Main Camera

How many rear camera in VOX Mobile V14?


What is the resolution of rear camera of VOX Mobile V14?

0.3 MP Primary Camera

Does VOX Mobile V14 camera has Flash?


What resolution support by VOX Mobile V14 camera?

it has VOX Mobile V14.

What are the main camera features of VOX Mobile V14?

It has features like Digital Zoom.

Front Camera

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