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Micromax 32 Inches LED TV 32T2820HD is known to be one of the bets TV in the market today. Slowly but steadily, the Micromax has getting the best out of the market and at this time too, it has come up with Micromax 32 Inches LED TV 32T2820HD. However, nowadays, the television application is available in many of the mobile phones, especially in some Smartphones. Without the TV, most of the people cannot survive as it has become the most important part of the human life. So, similarly, watching movies, also provide the comfort level for most of the audience.

Awesome AV Experience:-

Micromax 32 Inches LED TV 32T2820HD is known for its wholesome AV experience. It provides life color videos on the TV. This Micromax TV is built on the resolution of 1366 x 768 HD resolution. There is also a dynamic contrast ration of 300000:1. This Micromax TV enables you to watch your favorite TV show in pure crystals clear display quality, that appears mainly due to the Zero Bright Dots LED Panel of Micromax 32 Inches LED TV 32T2820HD.

Ultra Low Power Consumption:-

Micromax 32 Inches LED TV 32T2820HD consist of ultra low power consumption. It is more efficient in case of power consumption. It basically consumes about half that is consumed by the other TV sets. So, if you are looking for the such TV that provides the best quality features and also at reasonable price, then Micromax 32 Inches LED TV 32T2820HD will be the appropriate TV that you should buy. This is the best one for business right now.

Specific Technical Details Of Micromax 32 Inches LED TV 32T2820HD:-


  • Audio Visual Entertainment
  • HD Display
  • Zero Dots LED Panel

Power Supply :- 50 – 60 Hz, AC 110 – 240 Hz

Display Feature:- HD Ready

Functionality:- Gaming TV Units

Warranty :- 1 Year

Display Type:- LED

Screen Size:- 32 Inch

Connectivity:- HDMI, USB

Resolution:- 1366 x 768 p

Audio Output :- 16 Watts

Color :- Black

Hence, after considering these technical features, you should immediately place your order for Micromax 32 Inches LED TV 32T2820HD.

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